Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tuppers is back in New Jersey!

A recent press release from HBCO:

Hunterdon Brewing Company Welcomes Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Beers
Back to the Garden State

PHILLIPSBURG, NJ, August 23, 2010 - After nearly a six year hiatus from the New Jersey market, Tuppers’ world-class beers have made their way back to store shelves. Their distributor, Hunterdon Brewing Company, is proud to represent the brand once again.

Bob Tupper, who founded the brand in 1994 with his wife Ellie, states, “We’re delighted to be back in New Jersey and specifically with Hunterdon. We fell into this business by tasting and taking notes on every beer we could find. We’ve continued to search for great beers and New Jersey has some of the best beer stores anywhere.”

Their passion for good beer started in the late 1970’s and has taken them around the world visiting hundreds of breweries and critiquing over 19,500 beers to date. “We brew beers that we can’t find elsewhere – and we look pretty hard. Our beers combine labor intensive old-world brewing techniques with costly ingredients in ways that our business manager wouldn’t allow…if we had one. Most good craft brewed ales take a week or two to make; ours takes nearly a month and a half,” Bob proudly states.

The attention to detail has paid off. In 2002, Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Pils, now known as Keller Pils, topped beer expert Michael Jackson’s “America’s Ten Best Beers” list that appeared in American Heritage Magazine. He further stated that the pils could be considered “Among the finest results of the American brewing tradition”. In addition to the media accolades, both beers have brought home gold medals from the Great American Beer Festival held annually in Denver, Colorado.

Tuppers’ beers are re-emerging during an incredible growth period for craft beer in the state. Hunterdon carries some of the biggest names in American craft beer and has created a huge following with their products. There is no doubt that the Tuppers’ brand will be well-received by new and old fans alike.

“Tuppers’ Hop Pocket Ale was always one of my favorites and we’re very happy to have it back in our portfolio. I’m sure the beer lovers of New Jersey will agree that the ale and pilsner are world-class beers,” says Dave Masterson, co-owner of Hunterdon Brewing Company.

Bob and Ellie Tupper live in Bethesda, Maryland where he is a high-school science teacher and she is the senior production editor for the American Society of Microbiology. Half of the profits from their beer sales go directly to helping charities within the metropolitan DC area.

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